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We are a company of friends, we work very freely, we move quickly, we produce great works, we make strange and new works, we use the latest equipment and the fastest technology, that is why our new production is different from everyone. We are unique. We are the best, newest and fastest
We are a small and cohesive team based in Iraq, Baghdad, Kurdistan. Specializing in visual brand identity, user experience, print design, photography, music, audiovisual production, website and business page management, we create strong and cohesive brand experiences with clear meanings and loud sounds. We define our creative disciplines as meaningful: accuracy, knowledge, executed with great care, attention and most of all intention..

About us
Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. VIDARS 

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Let's go and work

We are a multidisciplinary creative studio aiming to do good work for good people

It's an abbreviation for my name


Partners with a company

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